RSA Archer® Loss Event Management

Track and report on loss events, perform root cause analysis and establish accountability across your enterprise.

  • Manage the loss event lifecycle to understand where and how your risk management program needs to be strengthened.
  • Automate the review and analysis workflow of loss events.
  • Manage and report on issues and remediation plans associated with loss events.

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RSA Archer Loss Event Management

RSA Archer Loss Event Management allows organizations to capture and inventory actual loss events and near misses, as well as relevant external industry-related loss events. Coupled with adjacent applications, loss event root cause analysis can be performed to understand why a loss occurred and take appropriate actions to reduce the likelihood and impact of similar events occurring in the future.

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Loss Event Catalog

Consolidated loss event catalog including actual losses, near misses and calibrated external loss events.


Widespread Visibility

Visibility into aggregate losses by type, source and area of ownership.


Approval Process

Review and approval of loss events by key stakeholders.

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Consolidated list of remediation plans to reduce likelihood and impact of similar future loss events.


Loss Event Correlation

Loss events can be correlated to risk and control procedure registers used to inform risk assessments and Monte Carlo simulations, if those use cases are employed.


Detailed Analysis

Ability to drill into specific loss events for greater detail.


Root Cause Analysis

Facilitates faster root cause analysis.


Assign Loss Events

Assignment of loss events by business unit and named individuals.


Consolidated view of loss events by frequency amount, type, source and owner.

Reduced frequency and number of loss events.

Understand whether remediation plans are being executed on time, as planned.

Greater engagement of business unit managers in the management of losses.

Clear understanding of the cause of loss events and the actions being taken to remediate the problems that led to the loss event.

RSA Archer Enterprise & Operational Risk Management

Watch to learn how RSA Archer Enterprise & Operational Risk Management provides the foundation to extend operational risk management processes to security, resiliency, regulatory compliance, audit, and third party governance.

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