RSA Archer® Business Continuity & IT Disaster Recovery Planning

Implement a coordinated approach to business continuity and IT disaster recovery planning, testing and execution.

  • Respond swiftly in crisis situations to minimize disruptions and protect your ongoing operations.
  • Document and test business continuity and IT disaster recovery plans for business processes, locations, IT applications and infrastructure, and information assets.
Business Continuity

Data Sheet

RSA Archer Business Continuity & IT Disaster Recovery Planning

This data sheet provides an overview of RSA Archer Business Continuity & IT Disaster Recovery Planning, a use case for the RSA Archer Business Resiliency solution.

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Intuitive Reporting

Intuitive Reporting

Includes reports and dashboards that provide visibility into the current state of your organization’s plans status, review dates, test results and remediation status.

Planning Capabilities

Planning Capabilities

Allows you to plan activation capabilities to test recovery plans, strategies and tasks.



Features a fully-customizable dashboard so you can activate plans directly.



Provides centralized location, workflow, review and approval processes for your standardized business continuity/disaster recovery plans.


Enables better focus on the right priorities in the event of a disaster by coordinating information, priorities and objectives among business continuity, IT disaster recovery and crisis teams, and responders.

Higher-quality, tested recovery plans help to increase trust among senior management, the board of directors, regulators and employees.

​Improves your organization's response to disruptions, helping to reduce the impact on revenue, brand and customer loyalty, and availability of products and services.

​Provides a consistent, coordinated planning process and methodology for the business and IT, supported through one central tool.

Ensures plans are aligned with your organization’s priorities and include the most critical processes and assets.

RSA Archer Business Resiliency

Learn how RSA Archer Business Resiliency can help you reduce the risk of IT and business disruptions, harmful operational events and significant business crises.

"RSA Archer best met our business objectives to reduce the time to create a business continuity plan from about three months to just a few minutes."
Thorsten Scheibel
Global Head of Business Continuity

DZ Bank

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