RSA Archer® Audit Management

Transform your internal audit function

  • Gain control of the complete audit lifecycle
  • Improve collaboration among audit, risk and compliance teams
  • Generate useful audit committee reports
Audit Management

Solution Brief

RSA Archer Audit Management

This solution brief provides an overview of RSA Archer Audit Management, which includes use cases for audit engagements and work papers, audit planning and quality, and issues management.

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RSA Archer Maturity Model: Audit Management

The RSA Archer maturity model for audit management outlines the role RSA Archer plays in advancing the internal audit function.

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Improves Your Control Over the Complete Audit Lifecycle

By providing a single, authoritative system for all of your audit management needs, RSA Archer allows you to consolidate your entire audit process and documentation in one system. This makes it easier to manage the audit lifecycle and quickly review staffing and budgets.

Promotes Collaboration with Risk and Compliance Functions

RSA Archer Audit Management features best practices based on the latest Institute of Internal Audit standards and COSO framework so that your internal audit team can partner more effectively and share data with colleagues across risk and compliance.

Helps to Align Internal Audit with Business Priorities

By aggregating risk and control information from across an organization on one system of record, RSA Archer Audit Management allows audit teams to prioritize their activities based on business imperatives and the latest risk assessments.

Enables Proactive Management of Risks and Controls

By providing access to information, resources and results from risk and compliance teams, RSA Archer Audit Management gives audit teams better visibility into key risks and under-performing controls. Real-time dashboards ensure your team is achieving audit plans.

RSA Archer Audit Management

Explore the Use Cases

RSA Archer Issues Management

Find out how RSA Archer Issues Management can reduce your risk of repeat audit findings, compliance violations and other penalties.

RSA Archer Audit Engagements & Workpapers

Learn how RSA Archer Audit Engagements and Workpapers can help you run your internal audit function more efficiently.

RSA Archer Audit Planning & Quality

Discover how RSA Archer Audit Planning & Quality can improve your audit function’s responsiveness to rapidly-changing risks.

"The [RSA Archer] Audit Management and Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management solutions provide an automated, centralized platform for managing and accessing information about current and past assessments. These products reinforce greater accountability and better working practices within individual business units through assessments focused on individual managers and delivery teams."



Managing the Challenge of GDPR: Osterman Research Survey Results

Understand how GDPR will impact your business and steps you can take to comply with key provisions of this landmark requirement before the May 25, 2018 deadline.

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White Paper

The 4 Phases of Your Risk Management Journey

Discover how the RSA Archer maturity-driven approach enables organizations to create a road map for their GRC program, allowing them to track the progress of their journey to risk management maturity.

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