• Provides a methodical and standardized approach for third party risk assessments.

  • Facilitates faster, more definitive responses to emerging vendor risks.

  • Cuts the cost and time it takes to resolve issues.

  • Improves management and mitigation of identified third party issues.

  • Reduces the occurrence of third-party related incidents and losses.

  • Leads to reduced repeat audit and regulatory findings.


  • Consistency

    Consistent approach to evaluating third party controls and risk scoring.

  • Fourth Party Visibility

    Identify declared critical fourth-party relationships and understand your third parties’ methods for governing their third parties.

  • Document Management

    Capture and store supplemental documents, such as SSAE-16s, financial statements and PCI assessments, and monitor when refreshed documents are due.

  • Escalation Process

    Organized, managed process for escalating third party issues.