• Reduced time to resolution on audit, risk and compliance issues.

  • Reduction of overtime/reactive overload for operational staff responding to issues.

  • Reduction of overall risk.

  • Improved staffing management for remediating issues.

  • Reduced repeat findings.


  • Risk-Based Resource Management

    Define milestones, dates and costs, review risks to consider their impact, and prioritize resources to fix the most urgent defects.

  • Consolidated List of POA&Ms

    Obtain a clear, aggregated view of the status, progress and expiration dates for POA&Ms.

  • Consolidated List of Defects and Findings

    Track all defects and findings identified through audits, assessment and authorization (A&A) control assessments, and continuous monitoring processes.

  • Risk Acceptance Request Process

    Create, approve and manage risk acceptance requests with a built-in, streamlined review and approval process.