• ​Improve your organization’s overall risk posture with a clear view of your IT risk profile and structured processes for continuously monitoring emerging IT risks.

  • ​Reduce the risk of business disruption due to outages, cyber attacks, improperly configured software, and other IT-related events and issues, whether cloud based or on premise.

  • ​Improve communication and understanding of IT control requirements to reduce compliance gaps and improve risk mitigation strategies.

  • ​Accelerate processes for researching and understanding key risk and control requirements. Clearly articulate the organization’s IT risk posture to management and regulators.

  • ​Streamlined IT risk assessments accelerate identification of IT risks and linkages to internal controls.

  • ​Keep pace with the rapidly changing risk landscape and shifting business requirements using an agile risk management framework.


  • Central Asset Catalog

    Provides a means for creating a centralized catalog of organizational business and IT assets.

  • Pre-Built Assessments

    Includes pre-built IT risk assessments and a cyber threat assessment methodology, as well as an IT control library to enable documentation and assessment of IT controls.

  • Exception Management

    Facilitates exception management and governance through appropriate risk acceptance and sign-off.

  • Risk Repository

    Offers a repository and standard taxonomy for IT risks and internal controls.

  • Issue Management

    Provides a consolidated issue management process.

  • Centralized Tracking

    Enables centralized tracking of gaps and remediation activities for compliance issues.