• ​Provide management with guidance and insight on IT-related compliance issues to minimize exposure to compliance risks.

  • ​Streamline the internal IT control framework and eliminate duplicate and conflicting IT controls.

  • ​Establish a systematic process for tracking and analyzing changes to relevant regulatory requirements.

  • ​Reduce the time and effort associated with researching control requirements and modifying IT and security policies in response to changing regulations and other business compliance requirements.

  • ​Link regulatory requirements to internal controls, procedures and standards.

  • ​Obtain a clear understanding of the impact of regulatory changes on the business and IT operations. Prioritize your response to regulatory changes.


  • Robust Tool Set

    Provides organizations with effective tools and capabilities to document regulatory requirements and changes.

  • Supports IT Compliance

    Offers impact analysis, change and issues management controls for IT compliance requirements.

  • Regulatory Intelligence

    Includes regulatory intelligence feeds to drive review and response activities.

  • Exception Management

    Exception management and governance through appropriate risk acceptance and sign-off.