• ​Create a complete representation of your information security management system.

  • ​Document your Statement of Applicability for reporting and ISO 27001/ISO 27002 certification.

  • ​Report on the overall state of your information security management system and streamline reporting.

  • ​Improve your understanding of your organization’s security infrastructure, the various assets you need to protect and potential risks to those assets.

  • ​Implement consistent security policies and standards and confirm security issues have been remediated.


  • Broad Cataloging Capabilities

    Catalog individual resources related to your information security management system, including information assets, applications, business processes, devices and facilities.

  • ISMS Policies and Standards

    Establish policies and standards that support your ISMS and manage issues related to ISMS assessment processes.

  • Risk Register

    Document and maintain an information security risk register.