• Visibility to areas in your organization that have not established indicators or collected the data associated with established indicators

  • Greater accountability for monitoring indicators that provide early warning of emerging problems

  • Reduced reaction time for adverse trends at the earliest point identified


  • Establish Ownership

    Association of key indicators with business units and named individuals and, depending on your program implementation, key indicators of risk, control, corporate objectives, business processes, and products and services can be established.

  • Notifications

    Stakeholder notification when indicators exceed acceptable boundaries.

  • Clear Indicators

    Consolidated list of indicators that are operating outside boundaries and associated stakeholder escalation and remediation plans.

  • Visibility

    Visibility into key risk indicator metrics and remediation plans via predefined reports and dashboards.

  • Governance

    Governance to ensure timely collection of indicator data.

  • Consistency

    Consistent approach to calculating indicator boundaries and limits.

  • Broad Control

    Management of remediation plans to take action to bring indicators back within acceptable boundaries.