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  • Implement a consistent approach to project risk assessments, ensuring that all important considerations are evaluated from project to project.

  • Capture a full accounting of all findings from targeted risk assessments in one central repository.

  • Reduce audit findings, surprises, loss events and incidents.

  • Execute a project risk rating methodology in alignment with your organization’s approach to risk management.

  • Speed implementation of risk treatments and remediation plans associated with high risk projects.


  • Consistency

    Consistent approach to identify and assess project-related risk.

  • Monitoring

    Risk treatment plans are known across all bottom-up assessments and implementation plans can be monitored to completion.

  • Visibility

    Visibility into assessment progress, risk treatments and remediation activity via pre-defined reports and risk dashboards.

  • Tracking

    Oversight and management of all open bottom-up risk assessments.

  • Consolidation

    Consolidated list of prioritized risk treatments and remediation plans.