• ​Coordinated information, priorities and objectives among business continuity, disaster recovery and crisis management teams.

  • ​Efficiently activate and manage plans for business continuity and IT disaster recovery.

  • ​Align efforts with organizational objectives and priorities through integration with enterprise risk management, incident management and third party management.

  • ​Detailed and coordinated recovery plans for business processes and IT infrastructure.

  • ​Effectively manage crisis events, send emergency notifications and activate business continuity and IT disaster recovery plans to recover disrupted business operations, facilities or IT infrastructure.


  • Automated Workflow

    Automated workflow to perform business continuity and IT disaster recovery plan activation during a crisis.

  • Centralized Contacts

    Centralized contact list to send notifications to call trees during a crisis event.

  • Mobile App

    Mobile application to view business continuity and IT disaster recovery plans, strategies, calling trees and requirements remotely.

  • Streamlined Management

    Manage crisis events, team members, associated recovery plans and lessons learned after the event.