• ​Centralize incident data and allow end users to report cyber and physical incidents of any type, including theft, harassment, fraud and phishing.

  • ​Control access to incident data to protect the identity of individuals involved and the integrity of your organization’s confidential information.

  • ​Link incident types to specific remediation and investigative procedures and monitor all resolution and remediation efforts, status and approvals.

  • ​Enable whistleblowers to report incidents anonymously.

  • ​Integrate data from other systems, call centers or intrusion detection services through the flexible Archer Web Services API.

  • ​Produce rollup reports to track incidents and identify trends, incident similarities, and relationships to risks, threats, and crisis events.


  • Centralized Incident Reporting

    Central repository for reporting incidents and managing the incident life cycle.

  • Cost Visibility

    Provides a listing of resolved incidents by resolution costs.

  • Centralized Contacts

    Central repository of contact information for incident investigators, witnesses and others involved in the investigation process.

  • Granular Categorization

    Stores all procedures that must be implemented as incidents occur, categorized by incident type.