• ​Consolidated system of record to execute and track all business impact analyses across the enterprise, aligning business continuity, IT disaster recovery, risk and compliance teams.

  • ​A single approach for completing business impact analyses with workflow, notifications, review and approval processes.

  • ​Catalog business hierarchy and business processes and supporting IT infrastructure, driving consistent criticality information across interdependencies.

  • ​Easy management of business impact analyses by business continuity management teams, business unit managers and business process managers.


  • Pre-Built Business Impact Analyses

    Includes pre-built business impact analyses with workflow, notifications and reference data to determine the criticality of all business processes.

  • Role-Based Workflows

    Includes role-based workflow for the business continuity team, business process owners, and other participants in the business impact analysis process.

  • Catalogs Included

    Includes the Business Process and IT infrastructure catalogs.

  • Intuitive Reports and Dashboards

    Reports and dashboards allow the business continuity team to quickly and easily determine gaps where business impact analyses need to be performed or reviewed or where follow-up is needed.