• ​Improve response to disruptions to reduce the impact on revenue, brand and customer loyalty, and availability of products and services for customers, employees and third parties.

  • ​Increase trust by senior management, the board, regulators and employees with higher-quality, tested recovery plans.

  • ​Coordinate information, priorities and objectives among business continuity, IT disaster recovery and crisis teams, and responders, enabling better focus on the right priorities in the event of a disaster.

  • ​Implement a consistent and coordinated planning process and methodology for the business and IT supported through one central tool.

  • ​Ensure plans are aligned with the organization’s priorities and include the most critical processes and company assets.


  • Centralization

    Centralized location, workflow, review and approval processes for your standardized business continuity/disaster recovery plans.

  • Intuitive Reports and Dashboards

    Dashboards and reports that provide visibility into the current state of your organization’s plans status, review dates, test results and remediation status.

  • Planning Capabilities

    Plan activation capabilities to test recovery plans, strategies and tasks.

  • Customizable Dashboard

    Fully-customizable dashboard to activate plans directly.