• ​Bring business context to business continuity and IT disaster recovery planning: A centralized business process and asset repository tied to the supporting IT infrastructure enables management to catalog and understand the organization, assess the criticality of each process and supporting technologies and infrastructure, prioritize the business continuity/disaster recovery planning process based on criticality, and put recovery plans in place.

  • ​Adapt your resiliency program to align with your business priorities: Build your resiliency program on the most configurable software in the industry to tailor continuity, recovery and response processes, add new tools, and program new reports while maintaining your workflows and taxonomies. Keep your resiliency program in line with changes within your organization, new and changing regulations, new business and build resiliency into the very processes you perform.

  • ​Integrate incident and crisis response: Build operational resiliency by proactively planning and implementing steps to manage everyday incidents as they arise in your organization. This allows you to improve crisis management to and bring crisis events to swift and successful resolution.

RSA Archer Business Impact Analysis

Identify critical business processes and prioritize recovery activities.

RSA Archer Incident Management

Centralize and streamline tracking, workflow and resolution of day-to-day incidents, whether they be security, cyber, physical or employee-related—before they become business disruptions.

RSA Archer Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery Planning

Implement a coordinated approach to business continuity and IT disaster recovery planning, testing and execution.

RSA Archer Crisis Management

Align and activate business continuity and IT disaster recovery plans, and manage and report on crisis events.