• ​Ensure audit engagements and workpapers are performed consistently.

  • ​Reduce requests from external auditors by allowing them to self-serve the information they need.

  • ​Enable increased focus on risk-based auditing.

  • ​Assign appropriate personnel for audits.

  • ​Easily generate audit reports and findings.

  • ​Provide management and the board with the information they need.


  • Built-In Workflows

    Streamlined workflows based on best practices and standards from the Institute of Internal Auditors facilitate all stages of your audit engagements, including documentation, review and approval.

  • Built-In Audit Reports

    Pre-built templates for audit reports and planning memos bring consistency and efficiency to internal audit teams.

  • Offline Audit Capabilities

    Perform and track audit activities using RSA Archer in offline mode, when you’re not connected to the internet, and RSA Archer will synch your work when you reconnect.

  • Audit Program Library

    Maintain your audit programs in a single, central repository with workflow and easy references to your workpapers.

  • Centralized Audit Engagement Repository

    Quickly and easily access and review all current and prior audit engagements.