• Automate your audit processes: Consolidate your entire audit process into one system to eliminate inefficiencies and frustrations. Quickly review your audit staffing, budgets and resource allocation. Ensure you are achieving your audit plan with real-time dashboards. Streamline the findings management process, focus on the most critical issues, and report what is most important to the management team and board.

  • ​Tackle risk and compliance issues across teams with one central system: House and catalog all issues raised by internal audit, other risk and compliance teams, and management within one central system that provides prioritization, corresponding business workflow, and a holistic view of their significance and remediation status by all business teams. Evaluate the current status, quality and effectiveness of your organization’s controls while summarizing and prioritizing critical results to the audit committee and your risk and compliance counterparts.

  • ​Dynamically adjust risk-based audit plans: Use out-of-the-box best practices to evaluate risk and share operational risk and control data from risk and compliance counterparts. Align audit plans and prioritize efforts based on the organization’s business priorities and latest assessments of risk. Easily integrate risk and control information and drive alignment between internal audit and other teams for better prioritization and execution of risk and compliance activities.

  • ​Execute internal audit engagements for efficiency: Tie audit entities and plans to dynamic views of risk and compliance to quickly prioritize the most critical audit engagements and testing activities. Access to existing risk assessment and control evaluations provides confidence in scoping audit work in or out, making your team more efficient while providing solid justification for regulators and external auditors.

RSA Archer Issues Management

Coordinate issues generated by audit, risk and compliance processes and by operational groups. Lay the foundation to establish prioritization, workflow, structure and accountability to manage findings, remediation plans and exceptions. Enable faster reaction to mitigate emerging risks, creating a more secure and resilient environment while reducing costs.

RSA Archer Audit Engagements & Workpapers

Efficiently perform audit engagements, maintain workpaper documentation and provide consistent and timely reporting on audit results. Complete better-scoped audits more quickly and decrease external audit fees. Track expense reports and manage timesheets to properly staff audit engagements.

RSA Archer Audit Planning & Quality

Take a risk-based approach to audit planning to ensure timely, prioritized and effective audit plans. Easily identify, define and assess the risk of your auditable entities across the organization. Gain control of the entire audit planning and execution lifecycle for improved governance of audit-related activities and reporting to the board, regulators and external auditors.