RSA Archer® GRC Platform

The RSA Archer GRC Platform provides a common foundation for managing policies, controls, risks, assessments and deficiencies across your lines of business.

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RSA Archer GRC Platform

This data sheet provides an overview of the RSA Archer GRC Platform.

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Application Builder

Tailor RSA Archer GRC solutions to your unique methodologies and build on-demand applications through point-and-click configuration. Non-technical users can automate processes, streamline workflows, control user access, tailor the user interface and report in real time.


Access Control

Enforce who can access specific risk and compliance data at the system, application, record and field levels so users interact only with information relevant to their roles.


System Integration

Consolidate governance, risk and compliance information of any type. Seamlessly integrate data systems without requiring additional software. Automate movement of data into and out of the platform to support data analysis, process management and reporting.

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Deployment Flexibility

Balance administrative control, time to value, and cost considerations when planning your implementation with support for on-premises and hosted deployments. Enjoy the freedom to deploy the platform in the most appropriate environment based on your needs and move applications from one environment to another as your requirements change.


Search, Reports and Dashboards

Take advantage of pre-built reports and dashboards and create your own with the user-friendly web interface. Easily review risk and compliance data using extensive search capabilities.


Advanced Business Workflow

Define and automate business processes for streamlining the management of content, tasks, statuses and approvals. Enable application authors to visually describe business processes as a flow chart, allowing business processes to automatically assign tasks based on specific conditions like assigning ownership, setting priorities or escalating issues.



Enable customers to support multiple languages within their RSA Archer environment with region or language locale-specific components and multilingual developments designed for use in markets worldwide, including double-byte support.


Pre-Built Integrations

Take advantage of pre-built integrations for the RSA Archer GRC Platform available on the RSA Archer GRC Community on RSA Link. Integrations undergo certification testing to ensure they provide the quality, performance and ease of use required.


​Improves cross-functional collaboration and alignment, with business users across IT, finance, operations and legal working together in an integrated framework using common processes and data.

​As the foundation for all RSA Archer GRC solutions and use cases, the platform eases system complexity, strengthens user adoption and reduces training time.

​Non-technical users can automate processes, streamline workflows, control user access, tailor the user interface and report in real-time using the point-and-click interface to build and manage business applications.

RSA Archer GRC Platform

Learn how the RSA Archer GRC Platform enables greater integration of data across your program, while creating a common language and reporting structure for sharing results.

"The strategy we now have around GRC really does make a difference in terms of Shell getting into new organizations, new adventures and new joint ventures, because we're able to demonstrate to the business or to a potential business operator that we are in control. We can show them what we're doing not just in terms of controls and risk, but also in terms of the work that we're doing, in terms of security, threats and vulnerabilities and incident management. Having that whole suite of applications and being able to look at the whole GRC end to end really is a competitive advantage."
Keith Herndon
Manager of Compliance & Incidents

Royal Dutch Shell


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Data Sheets

  • RSA Archer GRC Platform This data sheet provides an overview of the RSA Archer GRC Platform.
  • RSA Exchange The RSA Exchange is an integral part of the RSA Archer ecosystem, providing a faster and more flexible development cycle for RSA and partners to deliver value-added offerings for customers' RSA Archer implementations.

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