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Fights cybercriminals 24/7 while you focus on your business

RSA FraudAction is a single, external threat management service that offers attack takedown and cyber intelligence. From rapid detection to swift shutdown, RSA FraudAction provides complete coverage against all cyber attacks including phishing, Trojans, rogue mobile apps and rogue social media pages. Let the experienced analysts in the RSA Anti-Fraud Command Center protect your brand and your business.

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Swift detection and shutdown

Swift detection and shutdown

Reduce your organization’s risk of incurring fraud losses and experiencing reputational damage from phishing and other cybercrime activities.

Visibility into the cybercrime landscape

Visibility into the cybercrime landscape

Receive ongoing alerts detailing compromised data and potential threats to your organization.

24/7 all-inclusive threat management

24/7 all-inclusive threat management

Gain 24/7 protection against all cyber attacks (phishing, Trojan malware, rogue mobile apps, social media threats) in a single, managed service.

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Global analyst team shutting down millions of attacks 24/7

  • Phishing attack shutdown

    Identifies phishing attacks via a broad partner network and active scanning of millions of URLs per day including newly registered domains to ensure quick blocking and shutdown of confirmed phishing sites.

  • Trojan attack shutdown

    Detects and investigates Trojan malware attacks and works to shut down the fraudulent sites connected to them.

  • Rogue social media page detection

    Identifies social pages either directly linked to fraudulent activities targeting your organization or that attempt to mislead your customers by spoofing your organization and/or its affiliates.

  • Rogue mobile app detection

    Monitors dozens of app stores, detects malicious and unauthorized apps targeting consumers, and shuts down rogue mobile apps.

  • Intelligence services

    Features a dedicated team of multilingual analysts who monitor the communication channels cybercriminals use to plan attacks, buy and sell crimeware tools, and share information. Choose general cyber intelligence feeds, feeds specific to your organization, or our most comprehensive intelligence reports.

How RSA FraudAction helps you manage digital risk 

As organizations embrace digital transformation, they face increasingly frequent and sophisticated cyber attacks. RSA FraudAction helps companies mitigate the business and security risks these attacks can create by monitoring the cybercrime landscape for threats 24/7 and by quickly shutting down attacks.

RSA's long-term experience significantly helped us build up a strong cybercrime competence within a short timeframe. We can trust RSA is taking care of it, and it makes our life much easier.

Christoph Sprongl
Chief Information Security Officer


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RSA FraudAction Cyber Intelligence

RSA FraudAction Cyber Intelligence

This service investigates the global cybercriminal underground to uncover new fraud operations and methods on behalf of clients.

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Gain protection from account takeovers

Gain protection from account takeovers

Use a powerful combination of capabilities to align your organization’s online fraud response with its risk tolerance and business priorities.

Stop account takeovers

Address PSD2 compliance

Address PSD2 compliance

Meet PSD2 requirements for strong consumer authentication (SCA) while still maintaining a frictionless experience for the consumer.

Prevent online fraud

We fight cybercriminals 24/7 while you focus on your business
RSA FraudAction

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