Phishing Protection

RSA® FraudAction

Protect your customers and your organization against phishing, Trojan attacks, social media threats and rogue mobile apps using the all-inclusive RSA FraudAction threat management service. RSA FraudAction:

  • Identifies a new phishing attack every 30 seconds 
  • Blocks 96 percent of malicious sites in 30 minutes or less
  • Has shut down more than two million cyber attacks globally

Global Phishing Attacks

A phishing attack occurs every

30 seconds or

120 per hour

(Source: RSA Anti-Fraud Command Center)


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Solution Brief

RSA FraudAction 360

Anti-phishing, anti-Trojan, anti-rogue mobile apps, social media threat protection and cyber intelligence – learn how these features of the RSA FraudAction 360 service work.

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White Paper

2018 Current State of Cybercrime

Learn how digital transformation, payment trends and global regulations are shaping the current state of cybercrime.

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Rogue Mobile App Detection & Shutdown

Monitors all major app stores, detects malicious and unauthorized apps targeting consumers, and shuts down rogue mobile apps.

Trojan Detection & Shutdown

Detects and investigates Trojan malware attacks and works to shut down the fraudulent sites connected to them.

Phishing Protection

Identifies phishing attacks via a broad partner network and active scanning of millions of URLs per day to ensure quick blocking and shut down of confirmed phishing sites.

Social Media Threat Protection

Identifies social pages either directly linked to fraudulent activities targeting your organization or that attempt to mislead your customers by spoofing your organization and/or its affiliates.


Provides your organization with protection against phishing schemes, Trojan malware, rogue mobile apps and social media threats in one all-inclusive managed service. 

Allows your organization to redirect in-house resources focused on online fraud prevention to higher priority activities.

Reduces your organization’s risk of incurring fraud losses and experiencing reputational damage due to phishing and other cybercrime activities.

White Paper

Hiding in Plain Sight: The Growth of Cybercrime in Social Media

Shocking findings from a six-month study conducted by RSA show how fraudsters are abusing prominent social media sites to buy and sell stolen credit cards, botnets and more.

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Analyst Report

Business-Driven Fraud Prevention: Engaging Leadership to Drive Investment

Explore the key performance indicators fraud management teams use to measure the success of their technology investments and how they communicate results to management.

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Inside Look

The RSA Anti-Fraud Command Center

The heart of the RSA FraudAction service, the RSA Anti-Fraud Command Center provides 24/7 global monitoring of phishing attacks, Trojan attacks, rogue mobile apps and social media threats.

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"RSA’s long-term experience significantly helped us build up a strong cybercrime competence within a short timeframe. We can trust RSA is taking care of it, and it makes our life much easier."
Christoph Sprongl
Chief Information Security Officer



Analyst Reports



Solution Briefs

  • RSA FraudAction 360 Anti-phishing, anti-Trojan, anti-rogue mobile apps, social media threat protection and cyber intelligence – learn how these features of the RSA FraudAction 360 service work.

Intelligence Briefs

  • Blockchain: The New Crutch for Fraud Learn how fraudsters are exploiting the blockchain and related technologies to host and secure their websites, potentially making them impossible to shut down.
  • Fraud-as-a-Service Websites Get up to speed on the latest fraud-as-a-service websites being advertised in fraud forums so that you can better identify and protect against these threats.
  • What You Need to Know About Sentry MBA Discover how fraudsters are leveraging Sentry MBA, a malicious account-checking tool, to target websites, validate stolen credentials and launch automated attacks.

White Papers


  • An Inside Look at Account Takeover Find out why account takeover and credential stuffing are such a serious problem for websites and how your organization can combat these threats in 30 minutes.
  • Leveraging RSA FraudAction Cyber Intelligence Learn how to improve fraud detection by integrating fraud intelligence services from RSA with RSA Web Threat Detection.
  • The Chinese Fraud Underground Get an inside look at the Chinese black market and why it has become one of the fastest growing markets on the dark web.
  • Money Mule Operations on the Dark Web Money mules are one of the most difficult parts of the fraud supply chain to detect. Discover how fraudsters are running money mule businesses and how RSA gains intelligence on them.

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