• ​Leads to significant reductions in online and mobile fraud and related fraud losses.

  • ​Leverages behavioral analytics intelligence to provide organizations with real-time visibility into who (or what) is on their site and what they are doing on it.

  • ​Includes “threat scores” for common attack types and anomalies can be used to enrich rules.

  • ​Provides a proven solution used by many of the world’s largest banks, e-commerce sites and insurance companies.

  • ​Identifies fraud and other malicious activities that erode margins without affecting legitimate users’ activities.

  • ​Offers an out-of-the-box rules library that enables organizations to address many common high-impact fraud threats.

  • ​Captures all activity for every web and mobile user session—from login to transaction and beyond—to help speed up fraud investigations.


  • Comprehensive Online and Mobile Fraud Detection

    RSA Web Threat Detection has detected a variety of forms of fraud, including account takeover, new account fraud, fraudulent money movement, password guessing, credential harvesting, credential testing, mobile and web session hijacking, money order fraud, DDoS attacks (application layer), site scraping, business logic abuse and improper site functionality.

  • Detect, Review, Respond

    RSA Web Threat Detection rules can be written and deployed in seconds allowing organizations to quickly identify and respond to emerging fraud with zero impact on legitimate users.

  • Customization and Scale

    Rules can be customized to address the needs of each organization. There is virtually no limit to the number of new rules that organizations can create or deploy, which allows them to maintain complete control over which threats they respond to and how they respond to them.

  • Behavioral Intelligence

    Behavioral intelligence drives a feedback loop that continuously improves threat detection capabilities. RSA Web Threat Detection allows fraud investigators to drill down into individual web sessions and visitors to identify sources of fraud.

  • Rules Library

    Rules address high-impact areas including application security, account takeover, password guessing and robotic activity that lead to account takeover and other losses. Threat scores, elements from the navigation stream, and imported data files that include compromised IPs and emails, mule accounts and even compromised credit cards can be used to enrich, customize and create new rules that identify fraudulent or disruptive behavior.

  • Deployment

    RSA Web Threat Detection is deployed across many of the world’s largest banks, eCommerce sites, and insurance companies, and currently monitors nearly half of all U.S. banking traffic.