Mobile Transaction Protection

RSA® Adaptive Authentication

RSA Adaptive Authentication allows you to easily extend RSA’s proven strong risk-based authentication to mobile transactions.

  • Allows developers to build controls directly into mobile applications
  • Detects up to 95 percent of mobile fraud with low customer intervention
  • Supports iOS and AndroidTM platforms

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Banking’s Digital Transformation

Learn how the RSA Fraud & Risk Intelligence Suite can help the financial institutions of today embrace the digital opportunities and risks of tomorrow.

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RSA Adaptive Authentication

Learn how RSA Adaptive Authentication helps organizations prevent fraud across digital channels and the many step-up authentication methods it supports.

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Software Development Kit (SDK)

Increases security and confidence by allowing organizations to integrate strong risk-based authentication into their mobile offerings with the Adaptive Authentication SDK.


Mobile-Dedicated Risk Engine

Uses advanced mobile-dedicated risk scoring and machine learning models that analyze mobile device identifiers, location as identified through Wi-Fi, cell-tower triangulation and GPS, behavior analysis, and the RSA eFraudNetwork.


Transaction Signing

Provides integrity assurance, cryptographic signature and authenticity for payment transactions to combat fraud from advanced financial malware attacks.


Policy Management Application

Allows organizations to develop a true omnichannel strategy by applying risk policies and acceptable risk levels across multiple channels where user access is enabled.


Global Fraud Network

Leverages the RSA eFraudNetwork, the industry’s first and largest global network of confirmed fraud, to identify indicators linked to known and attempted fraud.


Modern Authentication Methods

Supports multiple step-up authentication methods for high-risk activities including fingerprint biometrics, Face ID, SMS OTP and transaction signing.



Provides omnichannel fraud prevention capabilities with fraud detection rates of 95 percent and low customer intervention rates.


Protects multiple types of mobile channels including mobile applications, mobile browsers, and WAP browsers.


Supports multiple step-up authentication methods for high-risk activities including fingerprint biometrics, Face ID, SMS OTP and transaction signing.


Proven solution deployed at over 3,000 organizations to protect more than one billion global consumers.

Protect Customers from Advanced Financial Malware

RSA Adaptive Authentication offers transaction signing for mobile transactions to assure the authenticity for payment transactions and combat fraud from advanced financial malware such as man-in-the-middle attacks. Transaction signing can optionally integrate with biometrics, such as fingerprint or Face ID, as a stronger means of authentication layered on top of the payment transaction signature.

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Key Considerations for Selecting a Consumer Authentication Vendor

Find out the five questions you should ask consumer authentication providers to determine if their products will support your omnichannel fraud prevention strategy.

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PSD2: Addressing the EBA’s Payment Services Directive II

Explore the requirements for strong customer authentication under the PSD2 regulation and how risk-based authentication can help address them.

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Are you ready to add advanced fraud detection capabilities to your mobile applications?  Find out how you can achieve 95% fraud detection and maintain a positive customer experience.


Solution Briefs

  • Omnichannel Fraud Management Learn about the omnichannel fraud prevention capabilities of the RSA Fraud & Risk Intelligence Suite and how it enables organizations to be better equipped to manage the current and future business impact of digital risks.

Data Sheets

  • RSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce Learn how RSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce supports the 3D Secure 2.0 protocol, prevents fraud and promotes a seamless payments experience across devices.
  • RSA FraudAction Anti-phishing, anti-Trojan, anti-rogue mobile apps, social media threat protection and cyber intelligence – learn how these features of the RSA FraudAction service work.
  • RSA Web Threat Detection Learn how RSA Web Threat Detection helps organizations prevent account takeover, fraudulent payments, and many other forms of online fraud.

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