3-out-of-5 consumers cite password breaches on the web as a top security concern.

Insights from our 2017 Consumer Cybersecurity Confidence Index can help you make a strong business case for investments that promote a secure online experience for your customers and help you cut fraud losses.

Prevent Fraud & Protect Customers

Business-Driven Fraud Management

Fraud and security teams have no trouble talking with peers about malware and phishing attacks, zero-day threats, or the number of data breaches that occur daily within enterprises just like theirs. But communicating the impact of their work to executive stakeholders isn’t as easy. This analyst report explores the key performance indicators that fraud management teams use to measure the success of their technology investments and how they communicate their results to management.

Five Questions to Ask Your Consumer Authentication Vendor

Industry and regulatory drivers, such as 3D Secure 2.0 and the EU’s Payment Services Directive II (PSD2), are helping to propel the adoption of convenient consumer authentication. As organizations embark on a search for new technologies to address their consumer authentication needs, this report provides a practical checklist of five key questions to ask potential vendors.

Action Through Insight: Identify the Source of Fraud Faster

Cybersecurity practitioners widely agree that reducing consumer fraud would be a whole lot easier if only the fraud detection products they used understood their businesses better. This is especially true when it comes to preventing online fraud. More than 70 percent of organizations say it takes days—or longer—to identify the source of fraudulent activity across their web and mobile applications. See how RSA Web Threat Detection provides the visibility organizations need to identify sources of fraud faster.

Improve Fraud Detection with Enhanced Risk Scoring

Most businesses use a variety of anti-fraud tools, but they are not always well integrated. RSA Adaptive Authentication allows you to incorporate insights from your business and other anti-fraud tools to enrich fraud risk assessments and better protect your customers against targeted cybercrime attacks.

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The RSA Fraud & Risk Intelligence Suite provides a centralized platform to enhance fraud detection and investigation across digital environments. Our portfolio of products and services protects more than 1.5 billion consumers worldwide and offers industry-leading fraud detection rates. Schedule a meeting to find out how we can protect your customers and your business.

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