• ​Arms you with an intelligence-driven strategy for fraud prevention.

  • ​Coordinates and launches sting operations against cybercriminals to reveal their infrastructure and operations.

  • ​Identifies cash out and cross-channel exploits, mule accounts, item drops and other fraud-related entities.

  • ​Enables you to stay up to date on cybercrime activity, emerging threats and fraud trends.

  • ​Reveals underground stores selling compromised online banking and payment card accounts.

  • ​Offers a flexible, three-tier approach to intelligence delivery ranging from automated intelligence updates to customized reports.


  • Tier 1: General Cyber Intelligence

    Tier 1 is designed for organizations interested in feed-based, automated intelligence consumption. Feeds are available in several formats and can be integrated into different backend appliances/systems. The nature of intelligence is mostly general and includes complimentary access to Threat Reports that provide insight into emerging cybercrime threats and trends.

  • Tier 3: Advanced Cyber Intelligence Ops

    Offered to RSA FraudAction customers, Tier 3 provides holistic and comprehensive insight into the threat landscape as it relates to an organization’s brand and business operations via the ThreatTracker report. The ThreatTracker report fuses intelligence gathered from phishing and malware attacks together with our deep-web operation. It also provides visibility across attack vectors, attack clusters and the individuals behind these attacks. The tier includes all Tier 1 and 2 deliverables with the addition of unlimited, on-demand research.

  • Tier 2: Targeted Cyber Intelligence

    Tier 2 is designed for organizations that require an additional layer of proactive (human) investigation into deep-web sources. Tier 2 includes all the features of Tier 1 in addition to highly-targeted threat feeds that relate directly to the organization’s brand.