E-Commerce Fraud Prevention Calculator

How much can RSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce save in fraud losses?

Are You Prepared to Confront the Risk of Card-Not-Present Fraud?

Learn what your potential fraud savings could be in less than 30 seconds

1 Total number of active cards in circulation across all BIN's.
2 Average transaction amount for card-not-present or e-commerce purchases across all active cards.
3 Average number of card-not-present or e-commerce transactions across active cards per month.
4. Percentage of online transactions which are 3DS related.
5. Cost associated with processing a case within your organization by fraud team member.
6. Percentage of card-not-present transactions which are associated as being fraudulent.
Cardbase :
Average Online Transaction Value :
Average Online Transactions Per Month (Per Card) :
SecureCode/Verified by Visa (3DS) % :
Average Cost Per Case (Using Fraud Staff) :
Average Monthly Fraud Attack Rate % :