​​Look Into the Anti-Fraud Center


  • ​Reduce fraud attacks targeting your organization by up to 90 percent.

  • ​Speed your ability to neutralize phishing and other attacks. RSA FraudAction analysts identify a new phishing attack every 30 seconds and block traffic to malicious websites in 30 minutes on over 96 percent of browser traffic.

  • ​Get all the benefits of an outsourced managed service: simple setup, no integration required and minimal resource investment.

  • ​Redirect resources to high-priority activities by reducing the number of resources required to address phishing, malware and other cyber attack methods linked to fraud. (One customer slashed these resources by 80 percent.)

  • ​Recover stolen credentials, where possible, to reduce the fraud impact on your customers.


  • Fraud Threat Detection and Alerts

    Proactively prevents fraud attempts through early attack detection and real-time alerts identified via a broad partner network and active scanning of more than 6 million URLs per day and 400,000 malware samples per week.

  • Broad Partner Network

    Includes Microsoft, Google, antivirus companies, email and network filtering companies, more than 16,000 ISPs around the world, CERTs, and international law enforcement agencies.

  • Vast Anti-Fraud and Cyber Intelligence Experience

    The 24 x 7 x 365 FraudAction Cyber Intelligence operation provides deep insight into cybercrime trends and in-depth investigations into fraud methods and operations within the dark web. Complimentary feeds and reports from the FraudAction Cyber Intelligence service are included in the FraudAction service without any additional fee.

  • Extensive Cyber Forensics and Investigation Capabilities

    Boasts the industry’s broadest multi-language cyber forensic and investigation capabilities with more than 100 languages and 187 countries supported. Extensive forensic analysis provides your organization with intelligence on compromised personal information, email drop accounts and specific IP information showing where an attack was launched.

Phishing Detection and Shutdown

RSA FraudAction detects and mitigates phishing attacks. The service helps organizations respond to an attack when it takes place and performs detailed forensics following an attack.

Trojan Detection and Shutdown

RSA FraudAction detects and mitigates the damage caused by Trojan attacks. The service is designed to identify malware threats, respond to an attack when it occurs and minimize the threat by blocking end-user access to the attack’s online resources.

Defense Against Rogue Mobile Apps

RSA FraudAction helps organizations reduce fraud losses by taking action against malicious or unauthorized rogue mobile apps. The service monitors all major app stores, detects apps targeting an organization’s customer base and shuts down unauthorized apps, thereby reducing threats to organizations’ reputation and financial losses due to mobile app fraud.