Adaptive Authentication

RSA® Adaptive Authentication

Manage fraud and digital risk across multi-channel environments without impacting customers or transactions with RSA Adaptive Authentication. The platform leverages risk-based authentication and machine learning to protect users accessing websites, online portals, mobile browsers and mobile apps.

  • Offers 95 percent fraud detection rates with low customer intervention
  • Saves an average of $8 million in fraud losses per year
  • Protects more than 1.5 billion consumers worldwide

Mobile Fraud Growth Continues

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Key Considerations for Selecting a Consumer Authentication Vendor

Find out the five questions you should ask consumer authentication providers to determine if their products will support your omnichannel fraud prevention strategy.

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Data Sheet

RSA Adaptive Authentication

Learn how RSA Adaptive Authentication helps organizations prevent fraud across digital channels and the many step-up authentication methods it supports.

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Mobile Transaction Protection

RSA® Adaptive Authentication

RSA Adaptive Authentication allows you to easily extend RSA’s proven strong risk-based authentication to mobile transactions.

  • Allows developers to build controls directly into mobile applications
  • Detects up to 95 percent of mobile fraud with low customer intervention
  • Supports iOS and AndroidTM platforms

Protect Customers from Advanced Financial Malware

RSA Adaptive Authentication offers transaction signing for mobile transactions to assure the authenticity for payment transactions and combat fraud from advanced financial malware such as man-in-the-middle attacks. Transaction signing can optionally integrate with biometrics, such as fingerprint or Face ID, as a stronger means of authentication layered on top of the payment transaction signature.

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Are you ready to add advanced fraud detection capabilities to your mobile applications?  Find out how you can achieve 95% fraud detection and maintain a positive customer experience.


RSA Risk Engine

RSA Risk Engine

Uses advanced risk scoring and machine learning models that analyze more than 100 risk indicators including user behavior, device type and intelligence from the RSA® eFraudNetwork.

 Policy Management Application

Policy Management Application

Translates risk policies into decisions and actions through a comprehensive rules framework, allowing you to customize your fraud management strategy.

Ecosystem Approach

Ecosystem Approach

Enhances fraud risk assessments by leveraging business intelligence from other channels, such as call centers and ATMs, and data from third-party anti-fraud tools.

Global Fraud Network

Global Fraud Network

Leverages the RSA eFraudNetwork, the industry’s first and largest global network of confirmed fraud, to identify indicators linked to known and attempted fraud.

Modern Authentication Methods

Modern Authentication Methods

Supports multiple step-up authentication methods for high-risk activities including biometrics, SMS OTP and transaction signing.

Case Management

Case Management

Enables you to track activities that trigger policy engine rules and determine whether or not those activities are legitimate.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Increases security and confidence by allowing organizations to integrate strong risk-based authentication into their mobile offerings with the Adaptive Authentication SDK.

Transaction Signing

Transaction Signing

Provides integrity assurance, cryptographic signature and authenticity for payment transactions to combat fraud from advanced financial malware attacks.


Provides omnichannel fraud prevention capabilities with fraud detection rates of 95 percent and low customer intervention rates.

Leads to significant reductions in web and mobile fraud, allowing you to achieve a quick return on your investment.

Addresses the requirements of global regulations and industry standards such as PSD2, Faster Payments and more.

Offers flexible deployment options (on premises, hosted or cloud-based) to meet the needs of your environment.

Proven solution deployed at over 3,000 organizations to protect more than one billion global consumers.

Fraud Losses Prevented by RSA eFraudNetwork

Analyst Report

Preparing for PSD2

Explore the requirements for strong customer authentication, transactional risk analysis, and fraud detection under the PSD2 regulation and how RSA's solutions help address them.

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2018 Current State of Cybercrime

Learn how digital transformation, payment trends and regulations pose new opportunities and threats to online service providers.

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‘‘RSA Adaptive Authentication was able to individually profile each of our users’ behavior and continuously learn their new behaviors. With the fraud detection system [from RSA] and the policy rules we’ve written, we are able to detect fraudulent activity, and in some cases, we are able to deter attacks altogether.”
Edward Lam
Head of Regulatory Compliance and Security Management

Hong Leong Bank


Analyst Report

Business-Driven Fraud Prevention: Engaging Leadership to Drive Investment

Explore the key performance metrics used by banks, credit card issuers and merchants to measure the success of their fraud prevention programs.

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The Industrialization of Fraud

Find out how the latest fraud attacks are impacting global businesses and the approaches some organizations are using to respond to industrialized cybercrime.

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Solution Briefs

  • RSA Adaptive Authentication When you align your anti-fraud initiatives with digital risk across channels, you start to create an environment that works together—one that takes a wider view of the risk your business faces across channels, and cuts through silos and unneeded complexity. RSA Adaptive Authentication solves these challenges by providing an omnichannel fraud detection hub, powered by the RSA Risk Engine. Deployed at more than 3,000 organizations worldwide, RSA Adaptive Authentication protects more than 1 billion consumers spanning multiple industries including financial services, healthcare, insurance, retail and government.

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