RSA Web Threat Detection

RSA Web Threat Detection (WTD) is an anti-fraud platform that helps organizations identify and respond to even the most sophisticated fraud.

WTD exposes all activity for each site visitor in real time, without impact to site performance or legitimate site users. You’ll have all this session and user data at your fingertips. Along with external data uploaded to the platform, the availability of this data simplifies and speeds manual reviews so you can have a deep and nuanced understanding of your threat landscape.

This level of visibility lets you get the most from the rules engine to configure real-time alerts and responses to disruptive or fraudulent online behaviors. Threat scores, clickstream elements, and .eds files including RSA threat intelligence scores are all available as inputs to the rules engine.

Key Features:

  • Provides real-time visibility into web and mobile traffic for web fraud detection
  • Identifies threats without affecting customer experience
  • Uses self-learning risk engine and policy-based rules
  • Alerts your security team and highlights critical information in customizable dashboards
  • Detects and analyzes precursors to advanced threats
  • Tracks and correlates suspicious activity over time
  • Can communicate events to other products such as RSA NetWitness Log and Packets and third-party case and incident management systems
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Solution Overview RSA Web Threat Detection Solution Overview
Product Data Sheet RSA Web Threat Detection Data Sheet
Supported Operating Systems CentOS  
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
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