RSA SecurID Risk-Based Authentication protects your nontraditional workforce – such as remote employees, vendors, partners, and contractors – with invisible two-factor authentication leveraging behavioral analytics.



Secure your users around the globe using web-based authentication. Risk-based authentication supports a wide-range of applications such as SSL VPN, and web portals.



Leverage the world-class RSA technology currently utilized by over 350 million users globally.



Provides a token alternative – tokenless authentication is a convenient way for your users to authenticate securely, via a web interface, without the need for a token.

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RSA SecurID Risk-Based Authentication

RSA SecurID Risk-Based Authentication is designed to protect access to the most common web-based applications including SSL VPN, web portals, Outlook Web Access, and more. It is transparent to end users and preserves the username and password login experience, only requiring step-up authentication when the transaction appears to be out of the ordinary for the end user. During a step-up authentication challenge, users are prompted to provide additional proof of identity by either answering life questions or completing an on-demand (SMS) authentication.

RSA Risk Engine

The RSA Risk Engine is a proven technology that powers the most convenient method of strong authentication. The Risk Engine employs a combination of real-time device and behavioral analytics – it dynamically adapts its risk model as new information is collected.

Centralized Management

The RSA Authentication Manager is the platform behind the RSA SecurID solution regardless of the authenticator type you choose. The platform allows for centralized management for the administrator as well as the end users. The customizable self-service console saves IT staff time by empowering users to manage their authentication needs without involving IT staff.

Use Cases:

  • Contractors/Temporary Employees
  • External Auditors
  • Employee Portals
  • Healthcare Portals



Risk-Based Authentication strengthens traditional password login by silently applying risk-based analytics. In real time, the risk engine scores each authentication request by using knowledge about the client device and analyzing the end user’s behavior.

Step-Up Authentication is needed when the risk engine deems a login attempt to be high-risk. During a “step-up” authentication challenge, users are able to provide additional proof of identity by either answering life questions or completing an on-demand (SMS) authentication.

The functionalities of Risk-Based Authentication and On-Demand Authentication are offered on a combined, lifetime license.

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RSA SecurID Business Continuity Option (BCO) is a licensing feature available in RSA Authentication Manager 7.1 or higher that allows for a temporary expansion of a server license to meet an influx of remote-access users, such as during a business disruption when employees must work from home. The licensing feature can be invoked up to six times every license term, for a timeframe of 60 days each time. BCO license terms are for three years.

The Business Continuity Option expands the server license and enables a pre-defined number of RSA SecurID On-Demand Authenticators to be used. For example, a customer purchases a 1,000-seat BCO license; when the BCO option is invoked, an additional 1,000 seats of On-Demand Authenticators instantly become available. Deployment is done on-the-fly with the Self Service module in RSA Credential Manager (included) so that users can on-board themselves without overwhelming the IT help desk with requests.

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SecurID Hardware Tokens

Protect your high value applications with the industry’s highest-quality, two-factor authentication device. Gain two-factor authentication, hard-disk encryption, email and transaction signing capabilities—with just one token.

SecurID Software Tokens

Make strong authentication a convenient part of doing business. Deploy RSA software tokens on mobile devices—smartphones, tablets, and PCs— and transform them into intelligent security tokens.

RSA Authentication Manager

Centrally manage two-factor authentication functions, security tokens, methods, and users across the enterprise.

RSA SecurID Authentication Agents

Direct requests for remote access and other authentication from secure applications to RSA Authentication Manager.

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