RSA FraudAction Cyber Intelligence is a service that carries out targeted research by leveraging RSA’s team of experienced threat researchers and investigators. The FraudAction Cyber Intelligence team continuously observes cybercrime threat sources to gather intelligence and deliver it to your organization.

Monitoring open-source and closed deep web sources, RSA diligently analyzes intelligence picked up by our sensors and reports it in a swift, easily consumable fashion. With years of experience in the intelligence space, RSA's researchers often directly engage with cybercriminals to uncover further information about specific methods of operation and reveal emerging attack tactics.

The FraudAction Cyber Intelligence service offers insights on:

Emerging Fraud Threats

Gain intelligence on a wide range of underground services that facilitate identity theft and cybercrime and recognize emerging threats and fraud trends.

Exploit identification

Identify cash out and cross-channel exploits targeting your organization(s) worldwide.

Uncover Accounts

Uncover mule accounts and items drops

Underground Stores

Reveal underground stores selling compromised online banking and payment card accounts

Reveal Infrastructure

Enable coordination of sting operations to reveal infrastructure sources used by cybercriminals to launch attacks

In 2015, the RSA Anti-Fraud Command Center uncovered more than five million actionable intelligence findings in the deep web.

RSA FraudAction 360

Prevent phishing, malware, rogue mobile apps, and other cybercrime threats that target online and mobile users.

RSA Adaptive Authentication

Identify high-risk logins and fraudulent transactions with risk-based authentication.

RSA Web Threat Detection

Detect cyber threats across Web and mobile applications with advanced behavioral analytics.