Become an RSA Identity Partner

Secure solutions from the endpoint to the cloud with RSA SecurID® Suite

Application Providers: Offer your customers secure, frictionless access to your applications.

  • Secure your applications with strong multifactor authentication.
  • Simplify governance and provisioning of your applications.
  • Protect your app on any device, including mobile and BYOD.
  • Connect customers to your applications with purpose-built, tested integrations.

Ensure your application is protected with enterprise-grade security.

  • Put identity and access controls in good hands.
  • Align with an identity management and cybersecurity leader.
  • Safeguard your customers' data.
  • Improve your exposure to RSA customers with visibility in our application catalog.
  • Address your customers’ security concerns about expanding their use of your applications.

Easy sign up.

  • Minimal work for you and no cost.
  • 1 email + 1 test account. That’s it. We do the rest.
  • Ease customer onboarding to your applications with published APIs, in addition to collections and connections configuration guides.
  • Click ‘Sign Up Now’ to get started.

Service Providers: Help your customers meet their business access needs with industry-leading solutions from RSA.

  • Your solution built to integrate into the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle platform.
  • Help your customers access data and application resources in a single, unified system.
  • Provides enterprise-wide visibility into who has access to which information resource.

Partner with RSA to offer your identity solution through a tried-and-true platform.

  • Work alongside RSA to generate leads and sales.
  • Develop new market opportunities and reach new prospects.
  • Be part of RSA’s growing application catalog from which customers can select your services.


How do I start?
Use the “Sign-Up Now” button above to contact our team. We’ll get back to you promptly.

What is the process to become an RSA Application Partner?
You will provide us with a test account to your application, which we will integrate, test and certify. It’s that simple.

How long does the process take?
Typically, our team can validate integrations within a few days or weeks.

How long do you need the test account?
Ideally, we’d like to have access to the test account on an ongoing basis so that we can confirm the integration periodically. If that’s not a possibility, let us know and we can work out the details.