SIA Stallion

Partner type: Reseller (Authorized)
Product focus: RSA SecurID Suite
Contact: Ivan Alyoshin
Telephone: +37128309141
Brivibas gatve 214b-313
Riga, Latvia LV-1039

The use of information and communications systems nowadays allows for more efficient and convenient working conditions than ever before. A necessary requirement for modern information systems is security – without security the use of modern technologies is unsustainable or even impossible. Stallion focuses on the development, supply and maintenance of security solutions for information and communications systems. Our goal is to help our clients protect themselves, work more efficiently and enjoy an opportunity to offer innovative services. We have long experience in ICT security: Stallion was founded in 1994 and has been focusing on ICT security systems since 1997. Today we have offices in Tallinn and Riga.