Rainier Group

Partner type: Reseller (Gold)
Product focus: RSA Archer Suite
Contact: Tony Guerrero
Telephone: +61-419-747-432
Level 10. 20 Martin Place
Sydney, NSW 2000
10900 N.E. 4th Street

Cybersecurity is constantly evolving to keep up with the rapid changes in cyber threats. Over the years, organisations have placed significant efforts in building a strong perimeter; this has been achieved by installing hardware and software cyber defences. Additionally, organisations have updated their procedures and developed strong governance models. However, in spite of these efforts, organisations are still being compromised. At Rainier Business Consulting, we focus on people inside the security perimeter and the devices they use to conduct day to day business activities. We partner with best in class security organisations offering products designed for the future of cybersecurity. In other words, we are evolving from descriptive analytics to predictive analytics for cybersecurity. Through strategic partnerships, Rainier Business Consulting has consulting capabilities in Asia Pacific, North America and Europe.