Everett Holding BV

Partner type: Reseller (Gold)
Contact: Mirjam van Wolde
Telephone: 0031306592255
Wiersedreef 5-7
Nieuwegein, Utrecht 3433 ZX

Everett is an international advisory and systems integrator, specialised in Identity Solutions. We help your organisation apply Identity Solutions successfully by leading the way based on our experience and best practices. Everett focuses on three pillars: 1. Everett’s Advisory defines the appropriate policies and controls and also manages its implementation through programs and projects; 2. Everett’s Architects design fit-for-purpose Identity Solutions; and 3. Everett’s System Integration will build and support your fit-for-purpose Identity Solutions. Together we deliver the business value that you are looking for in your Identity Solution. Everett delivers its services to over 100 enterprise customers, government agencies, educational institutions and service providers within the EMEA region. We are located in the Netherlands, Italy and United Kingdom. Everett helps to build valuable relationships and manages risk by Making Identity Matter