Deloitte - Alliances - Americas

Partner type: Alliance
Product focus: RSA Archer Suite
Contact: Kim O'Brien
Telephone: (516) 445-7061

Deloitte’s governance, risk and compliance (GRC) services help clients tackle the broad issues of corporate governance, risk management, and effective corporate compliance. With deep experience across a broad range of industries, Deloitte provides advisory and implementation services, spanning executive and technical functions, which help transform legacy processes and functions into proactive GRC programs. Our GRC services help clients to better align their investments with their risk priorities resulting in strong, cost effective GRC programs. We offer specialized assistance in key areas of strategy and advisement, GRC technology automation implementation, and managed GRC. Deloitte’s managed GRC services help organizations maintain a relevant GRC program and technology that keeps pace with the evolving business and risk landscape. We help organizations identify, remediate, monitor, exploit, and manage enterprise risks in addition to coordinating the utilization of people, process and technology to improve GRC effectiveness and help manage costs.