Webinar: Threat Landscape and Attack Trends

Welcome to Digiville, the bustling city where risk and security leaders come together to manage digital risk and enable business transformation.

Join our host, RSA Portfolio Strategist Steve Schlarman, as we explore Digiville and its many colorful neighborhoods, like the trendy DevOps district, the chic Marketing borough, and the stately regulatory and compliance communities. These neighborhoods are all connected through an efficient, high-speed transit system known as the DRMTA (Digital Risk Management Transit Authority).

Life in Digiville isn’t always perfect, however, and this webinar will explore one of Digiville’s tougher neighborhoods, the Adversary Zone, where cybercriminals and other bad actors plan and carry out attacks.

In this episode of “Good Morning Digiville,” RSA’s Percy Tucker and Neil Wyler (you may know them from Black Hat and the SOC tours at RSA Conference) will give you the lay of the land, describing the threat landscape, current attack trends, and the state-of-the-art SOC Digiville uses to monitor this sketchy neighborhood. Their insights should help you mitigate attacks on your own business.