RSA Quarterly Fraud Report: Q1 2019

The RSA Quarterly Fraud Report represents a snapshot of the global fraud environment, providing actionable intelligence to consumer-facing organizations of all sizes and types to enable more effective digital risk management. A major observation from Q1 2019 was a 300 percent increase in the number of fraud attacks attributed to rogue mobile applications. 

The feature article highlights a new and growing trend in account takeover and credential stuffing as a result of mass data breaches. Account checkers have been around for a long time, but fraud-as-a-service offerings have continued to evolve rapidly in the last couple of years due to the high volume of password breaches. Credential stuffing tools such as Sentry MBA and SNIPR have been popular among fraudsters, however, their use is restricted by the limited availability of pre-built configurations, mostly for large websites. RSA recently identified an online studio for developing account checkers capable of attacking nearly any website. In addition to facilitating the development of new checkers, the site has also created a new source of income for fraudsters as the revenue generated from each checker is split between the site owner and the developer. This has introduced new opportunities for fraudsters to attack organizations not traditionally targeted by account takeover.