RSA Digital Risk Report – Third Edition

Managing Risk in the Digital Present – A Year of Disruption

The pandemic of 2020 without a doubt has had far-reaching consequences–shattering expectations of the impact and redefining social, financial and technological futures. It is against this backdrop that organizations must now maneuver. Despite the wide range of digital transformation incarnations in organizations, emerging technologies such as IoT, mobile, social, big data and advanced analytics have undeniably opened many doors for business—doors that especially needed to be opened in 2020, as this year ushered in an even stronger imperative toward digital.

The RSA Digital Risk Report offers important global perspectives from over 1,000 organizations on the state of digital risk including top risk management priorities, the changes being implemented to manage risk today and drivers for future investment. View the report for insights into how organizations are managing risks during the pandemic and tips for integrating risk and operational resiliency.

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