Forrester: Returning to Work - How to Prepare for Pandemic Recovery

How do we bring employees back to work, and do it safely? How do we resume business operations over the next 12-24 months, and what will that even look like? 

Forrester has considered those questions inside and out and charted a sensible, informed step-by-step plan for businesses across industries in its new report, “Returning to Work: How to Prepare for Pandemic Recovery.” 

Download a complimentary copy of the report to: 

  • Find out why you should plan for a phased, stop-and-start recovery. 
  • Get 12 specific recommendations for bringing employees back to work safely and 8 additional recommendations for weathering the crisis and building business resiliency. 
  • Learn about pandemic management protocols that can mitigate safety risks for employees and financial risks for your business. 

If you’re considering how to bring employees back to work or otherwise resume some semblance of normal business operations, this lucid report should be required reading. Do yourself a favor and download it now. You’ll be glad you did.

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