Found a Token

Have You Found an RSA SecurID Token?

If you found the RSA SecurID token within your company, you should contact your company’s Information Technology department. Your IT department will be able to locate the owner and return the token to them.

If no one in your company uses these tokens, or if you found the token in a public place (such as an airport or a parking lot), you should place the token in the local Lost & Found. If no one claims the token within a week, it means the owner’s company has already deactivated the lost token and issued a replacement. At that point, you should dispose of the token.

Unfortunately, RSA cannot provide any information about the owner of the token. RSA SecurID tokens are used for computer security. Our clients depend on us to keep token data secure and releasing any information about the client company would violate that trust. Similarly, RSA Security cannot contact the token’s owner directly to report the lost token because our clients keep their own user information confidential.