RSA Identity Evolution Summit 2020


Opening Keynote: The Evolution of Identity

Speaker: Dr. Zulfikar Ramzan, Chief Digital Officer, RSA

Step into a time machine with Zully as he takes you on a journey to explore how the concept of identity and access management and the practice of managing identities have evolved over time. He’ll also show you where both are headed, and how your identity management strategy may need to change to keep pace with business and technology trends.

Closing Keynote: The Future of Identity Security and Cloud


  • Mike Adler, Chief Product Officer, RSA
  • Featured Guest: Andras Cser, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester
  • Sean Martin, Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief, ITSPmagazine
  • Marco Ciappelli, Co-founder and Creative Director, ITSPmagazine

It’s the $1 million question: how best to address the security challenges associated with moving infrastructure and identities in the cloud. Our closing keynote will tackle this question head on. Mike and Andras will explain why visibility is essential to cloud security, how to obtain it, and the role identity management will play now and in the future. They’ll also help you anticipate other security challenges likely to arise as your organization moves more infrastructure and data into the cloud. 

Breakout Session: Zero Trust Architecture – Identity and Beyond

Speaker: Peter Beardmore, Director of Digital Risk Strategy, RSA

Attend this hype-free session to get clarity on the concept of zero trust security (what it is and what it isn’t) and learn how to adapt your security program for zero trust. We’ll  help you think through what zero trust means for your organization as we consider the larger question of how to  establish trustworthiness in a zero trust world.

Breakout Session: Expert Panel – Delivering a Passwordless Future


  • Donald Murphy, CISSP-ISSAP, CRISC, Information Security Architect, KeyBank
  • Karen Larson, Director of Integrations Program, Yubico
  • Salah Machani, Director of Engineering, RSA, and FIDO Alliance Enterprise Deployment Working Group Chairperson
  • Jacqui Berg, Product Marketing Manager, RSA

Passwordless authentication promises to improve the end-user experience while mitigating the security risks associated with compromised credentials. RSA and industry experts will fill you in on evolutions in passwordless authentication (e.g., what’s possible now and what innovations are coming), and you’ll learn how practitioners in the field are implementing a passwordless roadmap for the future. 

Breakout Session: Protecting Against Insider Threats within a Remote Workforce

Speaker: Ben Smith, RSA Field CTO

Your workforce represents the fuel that runs your business, but it can also introduce opportunities for bad actors to take advantage of their privileged positions. If you are interested in understanding common risks and remedies relating to how identities can be exploited within your environment, through either malicious or accidental activity, this breakout is for you.

Breakout Session: Identity Threats for a Cloud-based Remote Workforce


  • Clarence Chase, Managing Director, Deloitte
  • Dave Taku, Director of Product, RSA

Find out how identity practitioners are addressing the remote workforce and the unique security challenges it creates in this session. Speakers will discuss their organizations’ unique remote access use cases before the pandemic, during the pandemic, and what they’re expecting for the future. They’ll cover cloud, remote on-boarding, and other unusual remote access requirements.