RSA Cybersecurity Summit 2020

On-Demand Virtual Event

Reimagining the SOC for the Future of Work

Watch as RSA leaders talk to ITSPmgazine about adapting the SOC for remote work.

Steps for Securely Reopening the Workplace

Watch as RSA CTO Dr. Zulfikar Ramzan talks with ITSPmagazine about modifying a security strategy for the risks of reopening the workplace.

Join a community of global elite cyber security leaders for a free digital event

and get access to experts who can help you adapt your security strategy for today’s unprecedented challenges. At this virtual event, you will learn how to:


  • Realign your SOC resources for today and beyond
  • Support your business community with insights on how to adapt to the new threat landscape
  • Defend your organization against new cybersecurity exploits being seen on Zoom, in ransomware and via phishing attacks
  • Adjust your workforce to respond to changing security priorities


Our insightful keynotes, technical breakout sessions and tailored demos, available live and on-demand after the event, are designed to help you transform your cybersecurity strategy for this new normal and show you best practices for detecting a range of threats. Register now for this free event. 

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