Thanks for Joining Us at Black Hat® USA 2018

Black Hat Network Operations Center

RSA is proud to return to the Black Hat NOC Team as a Premium Partner.

The RSA NOC Team is back in action, this time at Black Hat USA 2018! Our primary goal is to provide Operational Threat Intelligence and deep visibility into the Black Hat network to ensure the Black Hat infrastructure remains protected and available. This year, RSA will also be the Identity and Access Management Provider for Black Hat and ensuring nonrepudiation for all Black Hat NOC Team members and volunteers.

Re-watch the RSA-hosted 30-minute deep-dive session on what goes on inside the Black Hat NOC. We’ll show real-time traffic enriched with enhanced metadata, live threat intelligence, real-time malware analysis and sandboxing. This session will give you a clear picture of all the activity—both benign and potentially malicious—that takes place on a public network.