Thanks for Joining Us at Black Hat® USA 2018

RSA® Business-Driven Security™

Can Your SOC Do This?

Despite all the great benefits of the digital transformation that every organization pursues today, there is more pressure than ever being applied to Security Operations Centers. This pressure is driven by Modernization, Malice, and Mandates. It’s critical to have the right tools, right data, and right context to provide insight and clarity to mitigate digital risk to give analysts and boardroom members the confidence to respond effectively and protect what matters most.

The Business Case for Evolved SIEM

In the following E-Book, we are providing you with information on the financial benefits associated with the RSA NetWitness® evolved SIEM. The Business Case for Evolved SIEM E-Book quantifies the potential value companies may realize by deploying the RSA solution. The business case is based on a study of 15 large enterprises conducted by a third-party research firm.

It was great to see you at Black Hat Las Vegas! We hope you enjoyed the conference and walked away with an understanding that visibility, insight, and action are required to mitigate digital risk from endpoint to the boardroom. And as a result, an evolved SIEM is required in today’s SOC.

To relive the excitement from Black Hat, we have packaged up a few materials for you to review at the office:

Highlights of Blackhat USA 2018