November 14–15, 2018 | Westin Grand, Frankfurt, Germany



RSA Archer EMEA Summit Awards

Don’t let all that hard work go unnoticed, give your Governance, Risk and Compliance initiatives a ‘Shout Out’ at RSA Archer Summit EMEA 2018. Nominate your organization for one or more of these awards, your organization could be recognized as innovative and cutting edge in the RSA Archer world of Governance, Risk and Compliance. Nominate now! Entries must be received by October 26, 2018.

Agenda at a Glance

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Wednesday, November 14

13:00—17:00 Registration
18:30—20:30 Welcome Reception sponsored by Deloitte

Thursday, November 15

08:30—09:15 Registration Welcome Tea & Coffee
09:15—09:20 Keynote: Welcome
09:20—10:05 Keynote: “What’s The Next Big summit to climb?” RSA Archer Integrated Risk Management Strategic Vision & Roadmap, David Walter, VP RSA Archer
10:05—10:30 Keynote: “A Theoretical Riskicist’s Guide to the Universe”, Steve Schlarman, Director, Product Marketing and GRC Strategist
10:30—11:00 Coffee Break
Business Risk Management in Practice Advanced Operational Risk Management: From a Regulatory Requirement to a Management Need
In a world where data is at the heart of any decision, Operational Risk Management (ORM) should play a key role in dealing with a wide range of information and make it accessible to management to guide their decisions. This evolution in ORM’s scope is correlated with the increasing automation of the banking processes and decisions, the growing compliance requirements and ongoing search for efficiency. ORM, with the help of smart solutions such as RSA Archer, should lead to bring greater harmonization in the management of “Non-Financial” risks (Information Security, Compliance, Fraud, etc.), consolidation and identification of key risks that must be mitigated. The session of today will help to bring more light on how RSA Archer helped to achieve these objectives.
Toufik  Charrat, Head of Operational & Fraud Risk Management, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
The RSA Archer Journey

Digital and Cyber Risk Management Integrated Program 

Assicurazioni Generali is implementing a groupwide Cyber Risk management framework, also awarded as EMEA GRC Programm Excellence Award in the last RSA Archer summit in London, fully utilizing RSA Archer capabilities and leveraging Deloitte Cyber Risk services know-how. 

Several functional enhancements have been made in the last period in order to exploit the full power of a corporate-wide platform, enabling cooperation and cross countries collaboration between the different Control Functions. The main improvements were designing security dashboards collecting data from different sources, extending Cyber Risk Assessment Perimeter to update and enhance their existing security and risk management strategy with the people, processes and technologies necessary to elevate its information protection posture to the level necessary to mitigate current risks. Furthermore the integration of Cyber and IT risk management processes with other control functions risk assessments and mitigation programs were successfully implemented.

Roberta Vettorel, Digital Risk Manager, Assicurazioni Generali Group and Maurizio Biagini, Senior Manager,  Deloitte Cyber Risk Services
RSA Archer Technical Track Creating Order From Chaos: Using RSA Archer to Tame Your Data
Do you have data scattered across your organization in a seemingly endless variety of systems and formats? Come see how recent improvements to RSA Archer’s Integration ecosystem can help you create order from the chaos, and centralize your data into a single system. From updated translation capabilities, to performance boosts, to a game changing new transporter type, the latest version of Archer gives you the “keys to the kingdom” by allowing you to consume virtually any data source
Scott Hagemeyer, Senior Product Manager, RSA Archer  
Business Risk Management in Practice Solving the Master Data Challenge with(in) RSA Archer
Master Data quality for Organisational and Asset Data is one of the key success factor for successful implementation of RSA Archer to enable automated, end-to-end processes, so that they don’t get stuck or addressed to the wrong audience due to outdated or incomplete information. In this session you learn how to address the master data challenge with RSA Archer and reach a sustainable implementation that supports the full people, organization and asset lifecycle. You will learn about concepts like Asset Completeness & Consistency Check, Asset Discovery, HR Role Update process & automated Group Mapping in Archer. All of these concepts contribute to the overall target.
Dr. Holger Petersen, Security Architect Senior Manager, BASF Business Service GmbH
The RSA Archer Journey TÜV/2MC Session with Royal London Group Case Study  
RSA Archer Technical Track

DZ BANK Case Study: World-wide Roll-out BCM across a banking group 

The DZ BANK Group needed to implement one governance process world-wide for 8 subsidiaries by a group structure based on completely diverse areas of businesses. This presentation will present the BCM at DZ BANK and will share an overview of our vision of an integrated BCM Process across the group with RSA Archer. We will also share our experiences, best practices and lessons learned from the first successful implemented pilot at one subsidiary.

Claudia Krüger, Global Head of Business Continuity and Crisis Management, DZ Bank AG
12:30—13:30 Lunch with "Birds of a Feather" roundtables 
Business Risk Management in Practice Rio Tinto’s Journey Towards Integrated Enterprise Wide Management of Risk
For 145 years, Rio Tinto has been pioneering the production of materials essential to human progress. The minerals and metals we produce play a vital role in a host of everyday items and innovative technologies that help make modern life work.  This presentation will share an overview of our vision for integrated management of risk across the 3 lines of defence, progress made and lessons learnt to date.  Highlights to date include how every risk we capture in RSA Archer can be viewed through the risk and performance thresholds of each management team from the site to the Group level, and how we are able to profile risk across the Group by both functional area and line accountability.  Next up: slicing and dicing monitoring and performance data, integrated assurance, streamlining our control framework and leveraging machine learning, natural language classification and clustering.
Matthew Hancock, Principal Advisor - Risk, Rio Tinto
The RSA Archer Journey NTT session with Customer Case Study   
RSA Archer Technical Track Report Like A Boss, For Your Boss, Using the Content API and BI Tools
The Content API is a new feature to the RSA Archer platform that enables clients to expose and interact with Archer data in the same manner and terminology they are used to seeing in the User Interface. The API also enables integrations with common BI Tools such as Tableau, Power BI, QlikView and more. Come see how to leverage this API in your organization and give your reporting a boost.
Scott Hagemeyer, Senior Product Manager, RSA Archer
Business Risk Management in Practice

Banco Sabadell Case Study:  Building Three Lines of Defence (LoD) Model

Using 3LoD model as part of the finance industry to manage, coordinate, control, report IT risks based on EBA ICT Guidelines IT risks categories. Learn how RSA Archer helps us to interact between Lines of Defence in a bank including findings, KRIs, losses and control compliance as part of the IT Risk governance framework.  

Javier Sanchez-Ureta, IT Risk Director, Banco Sabadell and Jose Maria Stani Sanchez, Director, Banco Sabadell
The RSA Archer Journey

Build an End to End Solution for Managing Insurance Compliance Risk

Ever-changing business environments demand that organizations increase their risk management capabilities across different departments, including Internal Audit, Risk Management, Compliance and Cyber Security. In order to meet shareholders’ expectations, businesses need to keep abreast of technology developments and adjust to new regulatory requirements (such as General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR), while managing emerging risks, developing effective intelligence and reporting capabilities. The Compliance function, in the Generali Group, promotes an adequate compliance risk-culture globally, providing the Group with adequate methodologies and tools useful to effectively manage the compliance risks. To adopt a complete Operating Model, Generali Group Compliance needed to develop a new IT System for supporting the Compliance process. During this presentation, we will share how Generali is leveraging RSA Archer for managing the Insurance Compliance Risk process end to end: from Risk identification to Reporting and planning. 

Giuseppe Bresciani, Head of Group Compliance Risk Monitoring and Control Assurance, Assicurazioni Generali
RSA Archer Technical Track

Identity & Access Management for RSA Archer based on RSA Identity Governance Lifecycle

Having acquired both  RSA Archer eGRC and RSA Identity Governance Lifecycle our aim was to integrate them and benefit from the strength of both. This session elaborates our company’s approach to manage user accounts and access to RSA Archer GRC. It covers identity provisioning, processes for access request, access review and the access control model that we have established on our RSA Archer Governance Platform for various use cases.

Dieter Huell, Cyber Risk Analyst, Daimler AG
15:00—15:30 Coffee Break
15:30—16:15 Special Guest Keynote: Stefan Hyttfors, Futurist, Global Speaker & Author
16:15—16:30 Closing Remarks, Gennaro Scalo, RSA Archer Sales EMEA
16:30—18:00 Cocktail Networking Reception

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