RSA NetWitness® Platform helps Toshiba Digital Solutions demonstrate security accountability

Toshiba Digital Solutions develops, manufactures and sells ICT systems built with AI and IoT technologies. The company’s mission is to improve sustainability and help customers drive digital transformation.


RSA NetWitness Platform


In providing AI, IoT and ICT solutions to its customers, Toshiba Digital Solutions ends up handling customers’ sensitive machine data, so detecting and preventing attacks on this data is critical.


Toshiba Digital Solutions implemented RSA NetWitness Platform as its SIEM and XDR platform.


With RSA NetWitness Platform, Toshiba Digital Solutions now has capabilities for analyzing alerts and reproducing network conditions. RSA NetWitness Platform also makes it possible for Toshiba Digital Solutions to demonstrate accountability for its security management efforts.

We believe the capability to accurately analyze alerts to determine their causes and produce actual network conditions is functionality that is unique to RSA NetWitness Platform.

Takashi Amano
Technology Executive

Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation