Recruit Technologies

“We selected RSA NetWitness® Platform because we found that it absolutely leaves no stone unturned. It uses behavioral indicators to identify attacks that are normally undetected by signature and rules-based monitoring tools.”
Yumiko Matsubara
Security Architecture Manager

Recruit Technologies Co., Ltd.

At a glance...


  • Handling false-positive security alerts.
  • Determining the severity of potential threats.
  • Defending the company against phishing attempts and other targeted attacks.


  • Obtained capabilities to quickly prioritize alerts and identify sophisticated attacks.
  • Improved incident response times by automating certain investigation processes.
  • Gained the ability to ensure that only legitimate users have access to business applications.

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Case Study

Recruit Technologies Closes Critical Security Gaps and Improves Efficiencies with RSA

Recruit Technologies selected RSA NetWitness® Platform to accelerate threat detection and response and RSA SecurID® Suite to fortify access to its applications.

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