Infosys tackles access, cybersecurity and risk management challenges with RSA

Infosys is a multinational corporation headquartered in Bengaluru, India, and the second-largest IT company in India. Infosys offers an array of technology-related services to clients in more than 50 countries.


RSA SecurID® Suite
RSA NetWitness® Platform
RSA Archer® Suite

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With almost 200,000 employees and an extensive, complex business infrastructure, Infosys faced challenges on multiple fronts.

  • A large workforce using a variety of applications presented access management challenges.
  • Security events with peaks of 600,000 per second demanded a high-performance threat management solution. 
  • An operational-efficiency initiative required business-level management of governance, risk and compliance.


Infosys has implemented RSA technology to address identity and access management, threat detection and response, and integrated risk management.  

  • RSA SecurID Suite provides the ability to mitigate identity risk without impeding daily operations.
  • RSA NetWitness Platform provides the throughput capabilities to handle high volumes of events per second without any issues.
  • RSA Archer Suite facilitates business-level management of Infosys’ entire range of governance, risk and compliance requirements.


Infosys enjoys enhanced access protection across all channels – including web, mobile and SaaS application – with a wide range of authentication methods. The company’s cyber defense experts are now well equipped to understand the true nature, scope and impact of security incidents, and prepared to take immediate, targeted action. Finally, its approach to risk management consolidates intelligence from multiple sources in one centralized system, providing visibility and accountability across the organization.