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Business and IT see risk the same way at Banorte Bank

Headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico, Grupo Financiero Banorte is the second largest bank in Mexico, with $128 billion in assets, 22,000 employees and 1,200 branches across the country.

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RSA Archer® Suite

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Spreadsheets and homegrown solutions kept the bank’s risk and security data siloed.

  • IT could not present an accurate overall picture of risk to senior management.
  • The use of multiple tools made it impossible to establish a common understanding of high or low risk.
  • There was no way for business users to access information about controls.


The bank standardized on RSA Archer Suite to consolidate all risk and compliance data on a single integrated platform.

  • Integrated risk management enables a consistent, comprehensive, accurate picture of risk.
  • Different types and degrees of risk are now measured consistently across the business.
  • Access to RSA Archer Suite enables business users to actively participate in risk monitoring and management.


Everyone from leadership to line-of-business users is benefiting from access to the same information about the bank’s risk posture, at any given time. Management can track whether risk controls are working effectively. Business users can see and test controls and tie the results to policies and risks. And enhanced communication and collaboration between business and IT and across all roles has contributed to a strong culture of risk and compliance.

Involving business users in our monitoring program is definitely helping us create a stronger culture of risk throughout the bank.

Andres Bedolla Gomez
Systems Administrator

Grupo Financiero Banorte
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