RSA Archer® Suite boosts Evalueserve’s risk management effectiveness and efficiency

Evalueserve is a global professional services provider with 3,500 employees and more than 500 clients across financial services, oil and gas, life sciences and healthcare.


RSA Archer® Suite

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Evalueserve handles clients’ business-critical data in addition to its own, increasing data security exposure and creating operational challenges.

  • Lack of a single, standard way to communicate about organizational and client risk limited Evalueserve’s ability to build a strong risk management culture.
  • Slow, manual spreadsheet-based processes for capturing risk data hampered efforts to increase efficiencies in risk management processes


In RSA Archer Suite, Evalueserve found the ideal solution for managing data security risks both effectively and efficiently.  

  • A common language around risk business processes has helped instill a strong risk culture across business processes and locations.
  • The ability to target specific areas for integrated risk management without having to deploy the entire complement of use cases maximizes operational flexibility.
  • Automated data capture for risk assessments and other risk-related activities has completely eliminated the use of spreadsheets


Evalueserve has achieved efficiency gains of 70 to 80% across processes that have been automated with RSA Archer Suite. In addition, the risk team is managing compliance risk better, notably in the areas of ISO 27001 and ISO 22301. Finally, the increased visibility into key risk areas that RSA Archer Suite provides has enabled more effective budget allocation and better business decisions.

RSA Archer Suite has enabled each compliance function to work independently, but at the same time, in an integrated manner.

Sachin Jain

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