du relies on RSA Archer® Suite to fuel its strategic success

du provides mobile, fixed line, broadband internet and home telecommunications services to nine million individual customers over its 4G LTE network, and serves 100,000+ businesses with ICT and managed services.


RSA Archer® Suite

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du required technology to support its own needs as well as those of UAE Vision 2021, an ambitious national initiative in which du is a strategic partner.

  • Internally, du needed to efficiently monitor compliance, manage risk and report progress to management. 
  • As part of UAE Vision 2021, du is responsible for delivering a smart-city technology infrastructure.


The company adopted RSA Archer Suite as a single integrated platform on which to address both its internal agenda and its need to grow to support UAE Vision 2021.

  • RSA Archer Suite’s broad capabilities, as well as interoperability within the suite and with other RSA product suites, ensure the suite’s long-term strategic value to du.
  • Because RSA Archer Suite is cloud-enabled, it can support du’s evolving infrastructure over time.


RSA Archer Suite is at the heart of du’s operations for risk management, and is driving the accomplishment of maturity standards as well as the plan for scaling to support UAE Vision 2021. Across the organization, every du employee is taking responsibility to address risk, and every department is leveraging RSA Archer Suite.

RSA Archer Suite is considered to be mission-critical to our business success, and in turn, du plays a pivotal role in our country accomplishing its vision.

Ibrahim Al Mallouhi
Vice President – Security Operations

Dell Technologies
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